Origin: Athens, Greece

Genre: Jazz


Years i played: 2009 – 2011

Albums i recorded:
Jazzium (2010)

Musicians i collaborated:
Yorgos Krommydas (GRE) – guitar
George Kontrafouris (GRE) – hammond
Kostis Hristodoulou (GRE) – hammond
Manos Saridakis (GRE) – hammond
Takis Paterelis (GRE) – alto sax

Yorgos Krommydas regarded as one of the most talented and acclaimed jazz musicians in Greece. In April 2009 he created the Organ Trio, with George Kontrafouris and Christos Asonitis and released, as a composer his first personal album, “Jazzium” (WARNER/EGE).


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