“Christos Asonitis in his debut album “An Ode to the Light” as a bandleader did a serious job. He made an album with his own distinctive sound, without the unnecessary repetitions and babbling.  A job that exudes experience, professionalism and high skill. To the end product contributed of course the smart selection of the young musicians who were willing (as it turned out) to support Christos’ vision with their talent. Finally, let’s not underestimate all the hidden work that has been done. From the recording, the mix and all the work of the background to the elaborate and sleek design of the cover.”

(Vasilis Lioris – Moonshine Radio – Jazz On The Web, February 2018)

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“Everything on “An Ode to the Light” refers to quality. A dense and impenetrable jazz, built of exceptional virtuosity and exquisite use of any space. At the same time, a transparent jazz, open to different explanation by the listener, vulnerable to feelings and generous in images.”

(Antonis Kalamoutsos – Against The Silence, January 2018)

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“Now at the Unterfahrt another musician appeared in the Entre Mundos Project: the Greek Christos Asonitis, which established himself in recent years as one of the best Munich-based jazz drummer and strives for stylistic extension.
Asonitis had built up around him a significantly large percussion apparatus, supplemented by the Latin spectrum, and it is really formidable, how quickly he learned as the only European these many latin dance idioms.
Christos Asonitis gives the drum apparatus a versatility that you don’t hear often.”

(Ernst Richter – The New Listener, January 2017)

“A real singer on his instrument and behind it the Greek drummer Christos Asonitis does not stand back. A stable value in the South German jazz and fusion scene, a man who not only never lets arise monotony in the continual permutation’s, metamorphosis’ and variation’s urge, in addition, challenges however also the listeners only up to their limits and just not pointlessly. A creative mind who invents something new at every moment and seems to surprise not only us, but often also himself with it. Asonitis’ solos are compact, clear and besides, built up unconventionally, they look real like compositions. If I say now that he has a fantastic grooving and drive, I risk offending with it his partners what I make though now and then with pleasure, however here would be absolutely inappropriate.”

(Lucien-Efflam Queyras de Flonzaley – The New Listener, June 2016)

“Christos Asonitis is a drummer as imaginative as inconspicuous, highly sophisticated and widely awaked, eliciting an abundance of sound shades and doesn’t slip off into mechanical routine.”

(Lucien-Efflam Queyras de Flonzaley – The New Listener, May 2016)

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