Origin: Rome, Italy. Based in Munich, Germany

Genre: Italian Jazz, Hardbop, Cool Jazz

Years active: 1999 – present

Years i play: 2013 – present

Labels: Fine Music


Alessandro De Santis (ITA) – tenor sax, soprano sax
Davide Roberts (GBR) – piano
Markus Wagner (DEU) – double bass
Christos Asonitis (GRE) – drums

Roma Termini (2004)

A native of Rome and citizen of Munich saxophonist Alessandro De Santis started interpreting Italian melodies a few years ago. This includes popular songs as Volare and Azzurro, but also old Neapolitan melodies. Lately he continued the program of “Canzoni Italiane” with songs of Italian songwriters such as Pino Daniele and Gino Paoli, continued and expanded it by playing original compositions of the project’s drummer Christos Asonitis and also by recording various elegant pieces of current Italian jazz musicians (including “Tempo” by Aldo Romano).

The interpretations of the quartet are intelligent and emotional at the same time, so commented recently a listener: “Alessandro’s music heals all wounds everyday”.


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