Origin: Athens, Greece

Genre: Alternative Rock


Years i played: 1998 – 2001

Albums i recorded:
I Eleytheria de nikietai (1999)

Musicians i collaborated:
Petros Theotokatos (GRE) – vocals, guitar
Yannis Konstantinidis (GRE) – guitar
Yannis Kokkinos (GRE) – e-bass
Yannis Belonis (GRE) – keyboards
Stathis Lontos (GRE) – e-bass
Aris Potamianos (GRE) – e-bass

Petros Theotokatos began his solo career in 1997. He has recorded seven albums. His music uses elements from rock, pop, electronic, the minimal music. Influences ranging from the rock of the 70s, the punk, the English rock scene of the 80s, the alternative rock of the 90s and even the minimal, the ambient.


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