Origin: Bogota, Colombia

Genre: Neo bop


Years i played: 2013

Musicians i collaborated:
Nicolas Delgado (COL) – guitar
Pavel Semenchuk (RUS) – double bass
Goetz Gruenberg (DEU) – tenor sax
Manolo Diaz (SPA) – double bass
Sava Medan (SER) – double bass

Nicolas Delgado is a Colombian guitarist and composer, born in Bogota – Colombia. In 2011, after living 9 years in Barcelona he moved to Germany where he recorded his first and second album (INN-2011 prismatic-2013) and played in music clubs and concert halls with popular jazz musicians of the Munich jazz scene. In 2014 Nicolas recorded his third album together with popular jazz musicians from Barcelona and with one of the more important trumpet players from Spain.


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