Origin: Munich, Germany

Genre: Latin, World Music

Years active: 2016 – present

Years i play: 2016 – present

Sandra Nahabian (ARG) – vocals
Oswaldo Cruz (PER) – piano
David Bermudez (MEX) – guitar
Sven Holscher (CHI) – bass
Christos Asonitis (GRE) – drums, percussion

Argentinean folk music is the source of inspiration of this band. Songs that represent the significant topics in Latin America, a continent with stories about submission and search of the immortal and cut across all borders vision for freedom.

The five musicians meet the core of this music, in an interpretation that extends beyond the normal format of folklore with their sound, regardless of genre cliches.

A landscape forms not only residents, but also their music: in a “zamba” from the middle of nowhere, you can feel the harsh wind of the treeless expanse, a “Rasguido doble” can occur in an area between the rivers so fresh and cheerfully only. The pure love of life rebelling in the songs from the plateaus of northern Argentina. Stories about the day laborers in the ports, on men and women in the factories and slaughterhouses, about the people in working-class neighbourhoods.

In the listener creates an image of the vastness of the country with its landscapes scorched by the sun and villages of the province.


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