Origin: Athens, Greece

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Years i played: 2010 – 2011

Musicians i collaborated:
Lito Voyatzoglou (GRE) – piano
Lefteris Andriotis (GRE) – Cretan lyra
Alexandros Paraskevopoulos (GRE) – fretless e-bass

Lito Voyatzoglou with her ​​band presents exclusively her original compositions by following “a personal way that remains unaffected by temporary fashions, an expressive way and full of sensibility that draws its power through the emotional clarity and narrative figuration. Lito Voyatzoglou bases its music on these qualities and creates not just images – which by their nature are limited in two dimensions – but creatures that breathe, taking life, creatures of flesh and bones”. (Y. Charonitis, «Ihos» magazine, April issue 1988).


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