mehmetlogoCymbals that speak for themselves…

Christos plays with Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals since 1999 and endorses them since 2014. Every cymbal of the Turkish brand has been carefully handcrafted to perfection by its dedicated and hardworking cymbal makers.

Traditional Line

The Traditional Series sound is suited for pretty much every style of music imaginable. They encompasses the sounds you’re looking for.  Dark, responsive, controllable, musical.
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Custom Line – Vezir 

The bright musical attack and initial spread of a lathed cymbal with the controlled characteristics of an unlathed cymbal. Nice harmonics, dry cymbal body sound.
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Custom Line – Sultan

Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series. The sound has unique brilliant characteristics of the Traditional cymbal sounds and the dry & woody sound of the unlathed Turk cymbal series. Great stick definition. Controlled overtones.
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